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Reiki: Reiki is a type of energy healing. Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or possibly emotional pain. These blocks can cause illness. Reiki can improve the flow of energy around the body, enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of illness.

East Peoria location:

Megan 309.264.1367

Malia 309.210.6428

60 min: $75

Peoria location:

Gary Chatham 309.282.7496

60 min: $75

Reflexology:this form of bodywork involves applying pressure to points of the feet (or hands) to promote healing of the corresponding body parts to those pressure points.

East Peoria location:

Malia 309.210.6428

Full reflexology (face, ears, hands, feet) 

60 min: $85

75 min: $100

Hand and foot reflexology

45 min: $60

60 min: $80

Peoria location:

Terri 309.696.9186

30 min. hand or foot: $40

The following service below are available with Megan 309.264.1367 at our East Peoria location!

In all of these sessions please allow yourself to be in or bring extra comfortable seasonal clothes to change into for your customized session. Also bring your favorite type of note book or journal with writing utensils, container of water, fitness mat, or choose to use Megan's supplies to download a new balanced presently focused self in any opportunities she offers. Please let her know if you have questions or concerns. 

Restorative Meditation: Support your self-sufficiency in stress/pain management to become presently focused, or restore calming balance from out of your stress filled, or busy mind. Includes focusing on nurturing your body with breathing exercises to allow more energy balance to guide yourself to focus presently forward into upgrading your mind, and body while sitting or laying on Megan's comfortable massage/bodywork table. 

Mindful Body Balance:Flow mindfulness balance into your minds body with customizing in either/or choice of dance, martial arts, yoga core work, muscle strengthening with relaxing massage/bodywork (if desired) for restorative stretching at the end of each workout by Megan.

Intuitive Guidance Exploration: Megan is presently focused on your abilities, possibilities, and opportunities into allowing intuition to be your guide in daily life more often. Or understanding connections between your physical self, and non-physical higher self that is apart of us all with energetic engineering with each other's creations we allow ourselves to realize forth into the future.

Joy Seekers Advantage:supporting individualized wellbeing with others seeing an adventurously evolving self- sufficiency in creating abilities, possibilities, and opportunities to enjoy daily life with less suffering over growing pain/stress with presently focused desired.

30 min: $30

45 min: $45

60 min: $60

75 min: $75

90 min: $90

2 hour: $120

Available in our Peoria location 

Life Coaching

Gary Chatham, M.A.

Life Coaching with Gary Chatham, (M.A. in Counseling) can help you to move more quickly than traditional therapy, address root causes of problems, and clear patterns in your life that are not serving you.

Life coaching can enable you to:

Powerfully bring clarity to your situation.

Learn what choices are on your path.

Let go of patterns that are holding you back.

See how to access your own inner guidance and intuition.

Unlock your own power, and begin to live a new Life from the Heart.

Align your life with your purpose.

By combining life coaching with Reiki and energy work, Gary helps his clients to move quickly to create the inner freedom in their lives, that will allow them to create the life they desire, and fulfill their calling.

Contact Gary to learn more 309.282.7496